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The agricultural town of Chesterfield is not a typical ghost town because much of it is in the process of being restored, but there are still many unrestored buildings on the outskirts of town.  This web site includes the unrestored "ghostly" buildings, and a few before and after photos of restored buildings.  Go to the Chesterfield web site to learn the history of the town, see many more photos of restored buildings, and learn about organized activities at the townsite.
Chesterfield Web Site
Hilltop House, Chesterfield Holbrook Store, Chesterfield School ruins, Chesterfield Loveland / Simons house, Chesterfield Tithing House, Chesterfield
Jensen Cabin, Chesterfield Call Store, Chesterfield Muir-Butterfield House, Chesterfield Overgrown House, Chesterfield Higginson House
Meeting House, Chesterfield Chesterfield Log House Tolman Loveland House, Chesterfield Abandoned Farmhouse, Chesterfield Chesterfield Cityscape